How Call Tracking Works For Small Businesses

Apr 1, 2020 8:00:00 AM / by Ahmed Reza

Call tracking for small businesses can have a major impact on the success or failure of the business. Those that rely heavily on customer phone calls should analyze and track calls so they understand the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. It is a fact that phone calls remain one of the most valuable types of marketing leads.

But knowing how to analyze and track call data is challenging for many small businesses. You have to have a tracking software that can show you all the necessary data in one dashboard. 

Call Sumo provides this and more. Our dashboard shows you in-depth analytics about every call recording tracked from your marketing campaigns.

This is just some of the data you will have access to on your Call Sumo dashboard:

Phone Calls as Sales Leads

With call tracking, calls from marketing campaigns are recorded to ensure quality control and provide insight on your marketing performance. You can identify which marketing campaigns are the most effective with bringing in quality leads. Call tracking will show you which times of the day you get the most phone calls, the marketing campaign associated with it, and how your office handled the calls.

Once you have these details, it’s easy to access reports of your calls for a certain duration. You will see which campaigns work well, which you need to eliminate or change, as well as which of your team who answered calls were able to convert them into customers. The results of tracking and analyzing your phone calls could potentially uncover new sources of revenue for your business.

A recent report released by xAd indicates that the typical smartphone user prefers to call a company instead of fill out a form due to screen size limitations. It also indicated that 80% of the same customers still call a company after ending up at its landing page via a PPC ad.

Why It Matters for Your Business

Though we now live at a time where almost everyone owns a smartphone, most people still prefer to call a business instead of fill out an online form. Although smartphones are convenient for social connections, online shopping, and research, most consumers still feel more comfortable calling a business for more information before following through with a purchase.

It’s easy to see why call tracking software will become more essential in the coming years, not less. We invite you to contact Call Sumo today to learn more about call tracking for small business. You will soon discover which marketing campaigns are worth the investment and have the tools to serve your customers even better.

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